10 Ideas To Bring New Customers To Your E-Commerce

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6 min readMar 7, 2023

Managing an e-commerce site involves activities that need to be “tied up” with each other to set up an operational setup that leads you to achieve results (obviously product sales growth). If you have an online store and you want to increase the number of incoming users / potential customers, then this article is suitable for you. Here are some tips to help you increase site traffic, for the most part at no extra cost. Are you ready to get all the information you need to grow your online business? Read and evaluate point-by-point what activities you can implement right now.

10 ideas to increase the popularity of your online store

After the brief introduction above, now is the time to go into detail and point out what you need to do to boost your e-commerce site. After creating an online store, users might target you with an actual domain name (instantly find out which is the best domain extension for e-commerce), and consider performing the actions you will find in the next paragraph.

We can guarantee that by putting some (or all) of these things in place, your online business will benefit greatly.

# Get found on the search engine

The first step in bringing more people to an e-commerce site is to optimize the different elements present on individual pages. With content optimization, images and, above all, text content need to be structured in a way that is well-positioned in search engines. How to do it? You need to search for keywords with maximum search volume depending on the type of content and create page text in them. Thanks to this SEO work, users will find your page at the top of Google results. And they’ll find it based on search queries that match what you have to offer.

# Official channels on social networks

Nowadays running an internet business without using social channels seems really unthinkable. When we talk about social networks, we refer to the very powerful platforms, which are able to give you the visibility that you can not get in any other way. Thanks to social channels you will be able to post content and attract a growing audience, leading the brand to popularity.

# Create advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

When you decide to promote your e-commerce, you may want to consider using social networks. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, you can do a lot with social networks. But, there is one small addition: over the years, social networks have gradually reduced the reach of biological reach, with the rare exception of where content is viral for multiple reasons. Thus, users are basically “forced” to invest in advertising. This is an opportunity you should not miss: through an advertising campaign (which you can do on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) you can reach the right goal, a group of people who can read because of their interest and behavior. Profile of “Your Ideal Customer”. Delivering your sponsored posts to a well-selected audience will help you bring a lot of new users to the site who are more likely to be interested in what you have in your digital showcase.

# Evaluate the Pinterest option

Speaking of social networks, do you remember Pinterest? It is a social network that gives a lot of space in visual media, users post that fact, especially photos and pictures. While this may seem like a bit of a stretch in the last 3–4 years, in reality, Pinterest is a platform that is still highly respected today. To date, Pinterest has 459 million active users. A perfect channel for promoting physical products for sale online. You can create your company profile and post photos of products with page details and direct links to purchases. Social networks have evolved into e-commerce in recent years, allowing users to create their own stores on social networks and invest in advertising campaigns.

# Make room for the best reviews

When you want to buy something online, what do you look for first? Buyer Review. Nothing inspires confidence more than reading the enthusiastic response of those who have purchased the product and are satisfied with both the quality of the product and the shopping experience with the company. Once you know that satisfied customers can be your best ad, try to win as many of them as possible (probably on platforms widely used for this type of activity, for example, Trustpilot) and publish the best on your site. You will immediately see the difference in conversion rates, which is sure to skyrocket because people trust other users’ opinions more than any advertising slogan.

# Publish articles in trade magazines

There is a stage in this journey of finding visibility for your e-commerce that you cannot avoid and it is marked by a “guest post” sign. Publishing articles to other magazines, obviously specialized in e-commerce, is actually a great way to increase brand popularity and gain traffic from users while aligning with your business. So avoid making the mistake of just looking at your project without looking around.

# Enter the “magical world” of Google Ads

We’ve talked about advertising on social networks, but they’re certainly not the only platform for such activity. In fact, there is another option to consider seriously, and that is represented by Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). This is a tool provided by Google to create ads that appear at the top of search results. You can do both search network campaigns, thus only text-ad and display network campaigns, where you upload a series of ad banners that will be displayed on various websites in the sector. A tool that requires substantial investment but which, when promoted properly, guarantees exceptional results.

# Start a blog where you can post useful content

In addition to the online store, you must consider the idea of ​​opening a blog (probably through a subdomain attached to the original domain). There are many benefits to having your own online diary, especially if you can provide a lot of useful content to the public. A blog is thus a great tool for attracting traffic, brand recognition, and building trust among users.

# Focus heavily on video content (open a YouTube channel)

Do you have the ability to create quality videos? If the answer is yes, consider opening a YouTube channel. Here you can create different playlists where you can upload new videos, which are completely different from promotional videos (showing the products you want to sell) where you want to inform the user about some aspects related to your company. A new channel that can increase your popularity in e-commerce etc.

# Use Instagram Stories to show yourself naturally

Stories are the last of the 10 tips to bring new customers to your e-commerce Content posted on Facebook and Instagram disappears after 24 hours. Stories are playing an increasingly important role in digital marketing. Just remember that sometimes companies decide to start an ad campaign by placing the story as their only position. It was also possible to insert links between stories for a few days, a novelty that delighted all insiders. You can use stories to attract users to your site. Our advice is to change the type of content, not always focus only on promotional content. Instead, try to show who you are naturally. Publish short videos like “Behind the Scenes”, fun and illuminate the environment without any sales intent.

Don’t forget: your online store needs to be fast and reliable

We’ve seen that you can bring new customers to your e-commerce and, as a result, increase your sales. Aside from all the possible marketing strategies you can apply, you must start by considering that an e-commerce site will never be successful if it does not guarantee an optimal user experience. By this, we are not only the key to the structure of the site, which in itself is very important. What we are referring to is the performance level of the site, hence the page load time.

The matter is very simple. Low loading bar? Users will be happy to browse the pages of the site, significantly increasing your chances of being able to purchase the product. Too long a load time? Rest assured that, in desperation, users will run away to compete.

To ensure your online store is fast and responsive, there is no solution other than choosing a quality hosting service (which hosts the webspace site and makes it accessible online).



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