Deterioration Of Customer Relations Of E-Commerce Sites

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5 min readMay 23, 2023

Online customer relationships have long been seen as the weakest link between companies and brands! The latter sometimes makes every effort to stand out from their competitors. But we still can’t say that! If social networks are able to give a touch of clarity in an effort to get quick answers to the problems they face, then traffic jams quickly take over.

Also, there are more automatic copy/paste messages when the customer returns to his personal messaging system. If Twitter lends itself well to the customer relationship game, companies won’t!

Customer relations on the Internet

If we want to define our customer relationship, we can take many angles to outline it. The customer relationship on the Internet is not just a point to connect with the solution to the problem that is encountered after the purchase. It can take its source from browsing a website to finalizing a purchase.

If we talk more about the customer journey, it remains an element of the customer relationship. In our opinion, find a way to support the customer until the purchase is finalized without any hindrance.

If at this stage the customer relationship remains virtual, you will find that it often follows this path when you have to deal with chatbots in particular. This is why we here consider the customer journey as the first stage of this relationship. We can also say that if the chatbot is replaced by a human while resolving a problem, there will be no need to increase the customer relationship.

It will only exist when a problem is taken, a professional has the full potential to solve it. You will then agree that a decentralized hotline with people who are committed to resolving technical issues will do nothing to improve this customer relationship.

Everyone knows that the only thing left, no matter what we say, is “time is money” where you have to constantly reduce costs to the detriment of the customer. How to improve customer relationships under these conditions?

A chaotic journey

On the one hand, we want to build proximity to our customers, and if social networks succeed in doing so in the guise of community management, we must quickly put things in perspective. The community manager is a buffer, an intermediary whose job it is to consider a client’s request. And giving material to redirect him, or to respond to him in a particular case. The community manager is thus a real link in the customer relationship. But he does not always have the answer.

This is where more and more companies are trying to isolate private courier customers, in the worst-case scenario, to encourage them to call a phone number. Go back to the decentralized hotline where unfortunately no latitude is needed to solve any problem. Apparently, a first chaotic journey where a series of numbers on his keyboard will take you to a person who will ask you to redefine everything again.

In the best case 5 minutes later, you will return to the beginning with the feeling of wasting time. If small problems are fortunately solved, the real concerns are rarely solved in the first call.

Improve its image in terms of customer relationships

Faced with this break, you need to know that sometimes you have to put your foot on the plate and move towards your customers. You need to make them feel safe from the start. If a frequently asked question is sometimes a valuable help to the customer, don’t hesitate to leave a link that leads to a “Dispute Resolution” section.

Some examples: Many online sites offer PayPal as a means of payment and of course as a credit card, AMEX, or other means of payment. But, who will convince his customers that there are various possible remedies in case of any dispute, non-delivery, substantial delay, or any other concern?

Did you know that a credit card sometimes provides insurance in the event of a dispute with an online sales site? Then list the benefits. You can also benefit from an extended warranty on certain purchases. Get a new drink and there is no extra fee. Provides information on a breakdown event process, manufacturer’s warranty, etc.

How to start a PayPal dispute if a product is not loyal or delivery is not complete. Give the steps to follow and calmly explain that no company or brand is free from any problems. Explain that your desire is to have a satisfied customer and not oversell them.

The post office has not reached you within the stipulated time, to whom should you complain and how? If your product is damaged, know the points to protect yourself. If a customer is not satisfied with a product and wants to return it, offer him a return slip and give him the steps to follow, including a relay point deposit or letterbox delivery offer, if it is. Possible and it’s easy for him.

Solve problems in a real and humane way and look for positive feedback, even if sometimes they are hard to find. Call your customers within one month of dispute resolution and ask if everything is OK.

Avoid chatbots and chaotic customer travel for dispute resolution, which only increases customer frustration and frustration. Be human and respond to provide the best possible solution.

Example of a good customer relationship

We can talk about Amazon without any problems, for which we have chosen a regular customer Prime subscription. Get out of the problem that has nothing to do with customer relationships. We are talking about an actor who knows how to deal with a customer’s problem. Calling a hotline again with available and accessible people is more likely and for a longer period of time.

Problems are considered and often resolved in the days following non-delivery, for example. We wait 48 hours to return the ordered product or trigger a return. The question of waiting for the results of the investigation which for some people can last more than a month! Return labels are supported by Amazon for insured delivery, providing guaranteed services in many cases.

Negative reviews are kept online and unfiltered if the rules are respected so we can see which vendors we are working with. Cannot be directly debited for pre-order with online cancellation before delivery. Direct debit is guaranteed just before delivery, which is not the case with many players who take charge and have difficulty paying when canceling or withdrawing.

Finally, there are unfortunately many problems with delivery. After all, instead of respecting the customer’s order, we try to solve the problem and thus see the customer being held hostage and his money debited. An unfortunate incident that struggles to pass the holiday season.

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