Email Marketing Strategy: What’s New For 2023

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6 min readMar 20, 2023

In 2023 email marketing will continue to be one of the most important communication strategies for the business. The efficiency, speed, scope, and visibility that it offers cannot be compared with other types of strategies. Brands have learned to use it as an integral part of their marketing activities and will continue to do so in 2023.

Having an email marketing strategy in 2023 will be the key to achieving all business objectives. But to get results, you need to consider several factors. And there are elements in 2023 that could significantly affect the effectiveness of any email promotion.

Reputation, distribution, and profitability are some of the things that must be considered to achieve a good email marketing strategy in 2022. As of 2021, the marketing teams of various companies are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition.

The true value of Email Marketing in 2023

In 2022 email marketing is loaded with new features. The purpose is to find new customers but, above all, to keep existing customers. In fact, it is one of the most effective channels for building a good relationship with customers, building loyalty, interacting, increasing sales, and building trust.

Famous emails are important for brands or companies because they provide the opportunity to send newsletters and are an essential part of growing and managing a business. In 2021 it has established itself as one of the most important customer-brand communication channels.

Why prioritize an Email Marketing strategy in 2023?

Despite its long history, it is still very relevant to email marketing companies for a variety of reasons. The most important of these is the accessibility it offers. And this is because the messages that a company sends reach the recipients’ inboxes on their mobile devices so that they can be near them at any time.

The use of smartphones in 2023 will increase the presence of this marketing strategy to a level never seen before. In 2023, email marketing will be in direct contact with every level of customer relationship with prospecting, nurturing leadership, transforming, and building brand loyalty.

Among the goals that a good email marketing strategy can achieve in 2023 are:

● Brand awareness or business promotion.

● Selling and offering products and services.

● Position yourself as an expert in your niche, which is in favor of brand image.

● It converts much more than conventional social networks.

● This is a fully customizable strategy, which can adapt to any situation.

● Helps to increase cross-selling or upselling.

● It is a completely accessible communication strategy for the majority of users worldwide.

● This brand has been remembered by customers for a long time.

● Although not as fast a strategy as SMS marketing, it is very fast in its distribution and response.

News that could affect email marketing in 2023

At this point, the major innovations that could affect email marketing in 2022 will be collected. Some new regulations, other, basic aspects effectively reach the reader’s inbox. All these can affect open rates, profitability, distributability, and sender reputation.

1. The reputation of the IP

Reputation is how much the IP address did in sending or not sending the email. In other words, it determines whether you are responsible for sending emails. Mail managers measure the power and relevance of IP addresses, as well as whether they are secure and have a good reputation.

When sending an email marketing campaign in 2022, you can choose a shared or a dedicated one. The shared address is the sum of the reputation of all the senders, so a bad reputation from any one of them will affect email marketing.

Dedicated IP means only one owner of that address, so it will only be affected by the habits of that single person.

2. The reputation of the sender

This is a composite result of IP address, domain reputation, SPF authentication, and bounce rate to date.

It also measures the actions of users who want to establish a relationship and can be measured by how often they open an email, clicks a link, follows a CTA, forwards an email, and more.

3. The subject and content

Content and Content Awareness 2022 is the key to success in email marketing strategies. You need to avoid certain keywords such as offers, discounts, etc., which can harm sending emails.

Must draw the attention of the recipient on the go and arouse their interest. Try to find a language suitable for each type of customer.

A message that is quick and easy to read. The central idea must be synthesized in a few words and this is the key to email marketing in 2023. Texts that may seem suspicious can be mailed to a spam tray.

4. Quality of the database

One of the most important reasons why emails cannot reach their destination is a database with incorrect information, such as email addresses. A single typo can break the whole strategy.

Sending emails in this situation greatly affects email marketing in 2023 as bounce rates and weak or rare engagements increase.

In addition, at the moment, it depends on a good customer segment, as well as a good record in the brand’s database. In this case, it is important to make sure that all data we have from clients come from reliable sources. A key is constantly updating customer information.

5. Update of the GPRD in Email Marketing

Similarly, the introduction of updated GDPR regulations on email marketing includes new responsibilities for managing company personal data. If commercial or other communications are sent without the user’s knowledge, they may be trashed without being opened.

Database quality is important for email marketing in 2022. But it is even more important to keep users informed about how their data will be used. After all, they know that if you want to receive emails from a company or not, they can exercise any rights.

It is against the interests of the brand to send messages to strangers or those who do not wish to receive our messages. For this reason, buying or renting a database should be avoided at any cost.

6. The time of shipment and the frequency

Email opening rates are among the news that will affect email marketing in 2022. A good opening rate will be determined by a variety of factors. For example, by communication frequency and time. This is a relative aspect that can vary from client to client. And each person has their own schedule.

Ideally, send their content when they are free from their daily activities so that they are not disturbed. There are no specific rules in this regard, but customer behavior can be studied so that in 2023 email marketing strategies are properly applied.

Sending emails in an unreasonable way is not well valued by the company. You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business.

7. The graphic quality of emails

When you receive an email, the first thing that comes to your mind is if you have a design, picture, or video. Copy or text goes to the background. It is important to have interesting and quality images to generate interest and this will be one of the most important aspects of email marketing in 2022.

8. User complaints

Users should avoid classifying emails as spam, as this affects the reputation of the sender’s organization and thus their opening and distribution. Also, it usually happens when customers are not allowed to receive those emails.

Email marketing should be streamlined and defined in 2023 to avoid such accidents. It is important for users to have explicit permission to adhere to good email marketing practices.

If you want to effectively communicate with your clients and create engaging campaigns, at Famenet, we help you create an email marketing and marketing automation strategy that will help you achieve all of your goals.



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