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There are multiple social media channels available near us. Social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, have become a powerful tool for businesses now. It helps us to connect with potential consumers and increase sales. Popular brands can access 27 million users between the ages of 17 and 70 who have a profile on these platforms, according to the report. Additionally, 78% of companies that use them sell more than those that don’t, according to Hootsuite. But not all strategies are worth it. According to experts, you need to know which platform to join. And above all, learn to differentiate yourself from the competition.

All kinds of products and services are promoted on social networks. But we mentioned Instagram and Facebook — the two main ones. One is that the products that cause the most interaction are fashion, beauty, and leisure products.

But every time other sectors are gaining ground, such as the automotive or real estate sector. They are able to promote their products and services on this platform. And it gives an indication: that campaigns point to dealerships to book a car test drive on the dealer page.

Social platforms do not work like online stores where users go through the entire purchase process, including payment transactions. But, Facebook has a web market. This is a big place called Marketplace. You can easily publish ads selling products and services for both companies and individuals. Instagram provides features that allow Internet users to sell photos and videos published on the brand’s platform. But when brands can post all their products that Instagram calls their “store”. There is still no option to buy without leaving the app. And TikTok partnered with Shopify in late 2020 to explore the possibility that businesses could sell on the platform.

Each social network attracts different groups of people. That’s why it’s important for them to know where to run an account. Currently, Instagram is the top channel in the world that users use to search for information before buying a product. Followed by YouTube, Facebook, the most popular social network, and Twitter, according to IAB.

TikTok, one of the latest additions. In recent years, especially in 2020, the number of epidemics has increased dramatically. Today there are already six million customers in the UK. And by its very nature, it allows users to share short and viral videos on other networks such as Instagram and YouTube. If you sell beauty, fashion, or travel products, your platform is Instagram. Considering this, if your art is entertainment, TikTok is the ideal network.

Considering the advantage of attractive social sales (sales through social networks) to the company, there is a significant disadvantage. This is a huge competition that exists within every network. They compete not only with industry brands through posts in video, text, or image formats but also with users. If they analyze the target audience well and know how to be attractive, then such a big brand has a chance to create space for itself.

Paid ads, user-generated content, and direct messaging are three strategies that help businesses capture users’ attention.

Social networks allow you to reach customers with conventional advertising. They use data provided by users of the platform and their daily activities to show their personalized ads. Thus the advertiser benefits. Because the effectiveness of the ad is guaranteed, and the user. Because he gets ads related to his field of interest.

These tools use an algorithm to reward the most relevant content for consumers, with the goal that they appear in the first place, which also affects the content of the ad. This means strong competition among advertisers. Platforms will give publishers more power with more visits, more time, and the lowest percentage of the fastest bounce. Bounce is the number of users who enter a website and leave without browsing.

Businesses can share content produced by other social media users if they cite them or relate to them. For example, retweeting something posted voluntarily by a user, posting another user’s story on Instagram, or sharing a picture on Facebook. In fact, consumers are 2.4 times more likely to find user-generated content. These are more believable than brand creations. All of these measurements came in accordance with the marketing strategy platform Statica. TikTok also encourages companies on its website to grow their brands through creative content. Therefore, the chances of success will be higher when the content of the brands is similar to that produced by the users.

Chatting is the most direct form of communication with the consumer. And social messaging can be used as effective customer service through personal messaging. If the company does not address users’ doubts and questions, it runs the risk of blocking the conversion funnel. The process by which a user decides to make a purchase is that they do not consume it. If you take too long to answer a customer’s question, or the solution is not provided, you will lose the opportunity to build customer loyalty.

Investments vary depending on the audience you want to reach. Also the value of every action within each platform, so experts do not rush to give statistics. But to start national use widely, most of the marketers recommend investments from 30,000 dollars.

Facebook, however, allows campaigns from five dollars a week. For example, for a small business new to the market that wants to advertise, spending $ 10 on ads each week may be enough. The company recommends rock content marketing.

Influencers are users of social networks that are able to attract many internet users and act as opinion leaders and servers. Because of this, many brands have started hiring them in an effort to increase their sales. The main advantage is that the advertiser reaches a specific audience. Achieving intimacy and trust and therefore greater credibility and authenticity. Through someone who has established a community that transmits values ​​through the content of generations. Influencers or social media influencers or digital influencers are now a big part of us. Here we mention us as the marketing and digital business people who want to grow more on social platforms.

You need to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. This person suggests an initial analysis by an expert to verify whether it matches the interests of the brand. For this, it is necessary to ensure that its publication and its language are consistent with the conversations of the company. If it collaborates with other brands and, above all, finds out if it has false or inactive followers. And therefore, if you say that it affects more than reality. After running a campaign with influencers, you must have access to metrics to evaluate its impact.

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