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5 min readOct 31, 2022

You’ve probably already advertised your online store products on some social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, but did you know that Pinterest also has a lot of potentials? Although this platform is underestimated by many, it is possible to gain new subscribers through Pinterest. In this article, we will explain how your online store can benefit from it.

Pinterest is a social network dedicated to discovering new ideas and trends used by around 478 million users worldwide. CEO Ben Silberman described the company as a “catalog of ideas.”

The word Pinterest is a combination of the words “pin” and “interest”. The so-called PIN, i.e. the content displayed, can be pinned to a virtual bulletin board to save users. Users can share content, save it on their board, and interact with a like or comment.

Users can save pins and create their own inspirational boards. The most common themes are fashion, furniture, DIY, and make-up, but the content touches many other sectors such as art, travel, and cooking.

And this is where the platform becomes attractive for retailers. If you can create captivating pins, you can attract users who are interested in buying your product and thus win new customers.

In 2021, according to Statista, the number of Pinterest users in the UK is about 16.7 million users (60% female). This number is expected to reach 18.67 million users by 2025.

Although not much talked about yet, Pinterest is the second-fastest-growing social media platform (first TikTok.)

Pinterest is not just a social platform, it is a real image search engine.

Users will be able to use the platform on both desktop and mobile apps. The first time they log in, users can choose the topics of their interest. Feeds on the homepage will show their suggestions based on their preferences, previous searches, and saved PINs.

If they are looking for something specific, users can use the search bar. For example, by entering the term “Digital Marketing Strategies” users will see similar results like Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and other PINs.

First, it needs to be explained that Pinterest works differently from other social networks. As we have already mentioned, users enter the app to find ideas and inspiration to start a new project or finish the next purchase.

All the contents of the application are displayed in the form of a pin link to the original website or online store.

That way, creating your PIN has the potential to increase traffic to your site. Once users click on them, take these potential customers directly to your store.

You won’t have to worry about looking intrusive, the platform is the perfect place to advertise. To put it in Pinterest words :

“On Pinterest, brand content doesn’t disturb, it inspires.”

Finally, again, according to the company, small and large businesses have equal opportunities to successfully advertise in their stores. This is because brand names are not included in almost all user search queries.

Discover the details of user groups on Pinterest and the most used social networks in Italy in the following lessons.

First, you must create an account. For e-commerce, it is recommended to create a business profile so that they can access analytical information, visitor insights, and much more.

You can create a business profile on Pinterest in 3 easy steps:

● Write a brief description of your store, distinguishing yourself and yourself from other competitors

Remember that your account will make the first impression of your potential customers on you, make your time carefully.

Make sure your brand is recognized — use the same colors, voice tones, etc. that you use on your online site. If you already have other social accounts, use them as inspiration to create your Pinterest account.

Pinterest is all about pins. Try to make them as interesting as possible from a visual and content point of view, so that users can click on them. There are several tools that can help you do this, such as Canva, which already offers ready-made layouts and designs.

Be creative and try different content and layouts. Make sure your website or individual products are suitable for pinning.

Give your customers the ability to pin individual products from your online store to Pinterest. You can do this by adding a pin button (similar to Instagram or Facebook) to your product page.

Also, it is important that users can easily find your PINs. For this to be possible, your PINs must meet certain criteria, including:

Use important keywords:

Pinterest works according to an algorithm similar to search engines.

Also on Pinterest, content needs to be optimized. To do this you should:

● Choose the right categories for your PIN so users can easily search and find your content on a specific topic.

The more pins you have, the more likely the customer is to move to your online store. On Pinterest, not very good, it is better to do ten instead of one or two pins a day.

There are some tools that allow you to plan ahead if you need to post a PIN, such as a buffer.

According to Pinterest, vertical images work best. The best image format for Pinterest is 2: 3, so you can be sure that your PINs will not be cropped on mobile devices.

Examples of 2: 3 aspect ratios are:

● 1000 pixels x 1500 pixels

Another important aspect that will help you attract new customers through Pinterest is the use of rich pins. This pin format contains much more detail than a standard pin.

With Rich Pin, you can give customers more information about your product and thus simplify the buying process.

With the Rich Product PIN, for example, your customers will see the price, availability, and where to buy the item (your store).

With this organic PIN format, Pinterest automatically syncs information between your store and your PIN. For example, the current price or availability of an item in your online store changes because the price or availability of the item changes.

Take advantage of Pinterest’s potential and start promoting your content to make your pins more visible.

Here are three tips by the way:

Pinterest lets you target your group with ads based on keywords, interests, and demographic information (age, gender, location).

With the automatic targeting option, Pinterest selects your audience based on the details of your PIN and the interactions and interests of users similar to your target group.

There are several ad formats on Pinterest:

Like any marketing plan, even on Pinterest, you need to evaluate your marketing strategy to make sure you are achieving your goals.

To understand what actually works, Pinterest provides some useful metrics:

● How many people have clicked on the pin link

Once you have found a marketing strategy that manages to win new customers you should focus on it and not spend too much time or money on other activities.

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