What Is A Good Form in Digital Marketing?

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The forms of digital marketing are different from each other and some even take us away. Because the requested information appears to be inappropriate and intrusive. Focus on how much is needed in the form and what information can be requested?

These are often questions raised to be as relevant as possible without managing returns and penetrations. The primary goal is to get the highest possible fulfillment rate.

The role of form is easy to understand. It is an expected lever through which a company or any structure provides a “free” product or service in exchange for your contact details. A form with different occupations or purposes, and based on the needs of the companies they operate.

You should know that forms are usually intended to create leads or possibilities for providing products and/or services. Obviously, nothing is free when you fill out a form, for example downloading a white paper or doing research on your art.

We can increase competition, it is a medium through which we want coordination. But, this is an environment where there are more charlatans to do mass mailing than relevant marketing work!

We know that nothing is free and we will be prompted from the moment we provide our personal or professional information! We then wondered if the fact that this service was provided or the simple fact of downloading white paper would be enough to transfer his contact details. But are we interested in finding a potential customer or interesting information?

This is to bypass all the work of digital marketing , acquaintances, or topics of little interest. Because in many cases it can, unfortunately, represent a large number of acquaintances. At least in the second step, they should be scored for their interests. We will look at which is the most important field according to the needs of the company.

Perfectly, a name, a name, and an email address should be the only information to request my opinion through a form. In most cases, you don’t need to know more or do more. Even if we have to reduce the strict minimum, a first name and an email are enough.

If you want to achieve a good filling rate, know that simple addition to a field will reduce it and it must be indexed. The more fields you add to the penetration question, the fewer forms you fill out, but in return, you can get much more qualified leads. So it is necessary to think about balance and think carefully about the ultimate purpose.

Creating a database of contacts based on the needs of the field company. A common example that many ignore is the date of birth! We sometimes ask you for it, arguing about how you can be gifted or given age validity.

However, in some cases, the forms with the date of birth are sold to the credit institution. Using this information, they can examine a potential banking ban, and thus provide their services to you freely. The same goes for banks!

Other forms will ask you which car you own, have, or want to change, although the basics are not relevant at all. In the case of smoke competition, we find these trends that abound on the web! Unfortunately, many naive people fill them out and harass themselves with calls and flood with all sorts of emails!

So be satisfied with at least one name and one email address. It’s less intrusive, and if the object is to see or distribute eligible emails in your contacts, that’s mostly enough.

A telephone number will certainly bring a change, but once you know that it will be used to make a request it will be more difficult to find. Ask yourself if you can easily leave your phone number!

Phone number: This allows you to communicate directly with your contacts, but will this be the right time? Will he be accepted? Does it have high demand and above all has a proven need that has been identified? Questions that will be difficult to answer and are usually given in the call center. It is expensive, it requires the expectation of decentralization and it is not necessarily relevant. Because we are still in the quantitative position of qualitative expenditure! If not interesting, communication is lost in the end.

Future purchase: Whether it’s a vehicle or something else, it’s for a fairly precise and targeted sector, such as a car dealership looking for future customers. That’s obvious! But the formulas that have been put forward, such as the offer of an appointment to test a vehicle, may be considered quite relevant by some consumers.

In this way, one can imagine many fields in one shape. If so, you will no doubt be working on a form that will sell 10 times to a mass-mailing company. The more qualified a form is, the more expensive it is for the company. On the other hand, if you want to use the form for your activity, aim for small formats and check the A / B on the reverse side by analyzing the fill rate in the fields.

It all depends on your industry and the needs or prospects of your customers because if a person has a real need, it’s hard to know online right now.

We are often surprised that some people do not check their admissions rate to become more proficient in their marketing activities. When creating forms, it is essential to set up KPIs to accurately measure performance.

To access the field fill rate on your forms, go to the Google Analytics account associated with your website. Then enter the side menu by selecting the following options:

Behavior> Events> Main events

Overview under the Events tab lets you see different aspects of your website and choose what you want to analyze.

The first 2 entries let you create a ratio between the number of views of your content containing the form and the start of filling out the next. The following entries are different fields of your form. If your form is written in the content, it may be more relevant if you need to provide information with the form.

Note: Since the latest version of Google Analytics, it is possible to track the completion of external forms without adding any code. Previously, when submitting a form you were not always allowed to retrieve entries and you had to retrieve snippets or use hit callback parameters.

If you need to generate leads in one way or another, redirect traffic to an external URL that contains a form, ask your interviewer to create a Google Data Studio board with the URL that will allow you to track traffic. And valid form. A UTM link needs to be restored for redirection.

Consider the A / B test in case of uncertainty about the relevance of the form and especially the fields to be inserted.

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