What Is An Influencer? Explains From Meaning And Definition To Notable Accounts

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An influencer is a general term for those who spread information based on SNS and have a profound effect on the world.

In general, this refers to people who have a relatively large number of followers (fans) on SNS, such as YouTubers and Instagrammers.

“Influencers” are currently gaining a lot of attention as a marketing tool that uses SNS. Can you properly understand their meaning and properties?

Even if you somehow understand the meaning of influencers, very few people have a detailed idea of what they are and why they are attracting attention.

As we said at the outset, “influencer” is a general term that has a profound effect on the thinking and behavior of the world, mainly through the dissemination of SNS information.

The etymology is “influence”, which means influence, inspiration, and influence.

In particular, in the current era when SNS is the center of consumer-generated media exchange, it often refers to an opinion leader with many followers.

In general, so-called “celebrities” such as entertainers and athletes were influential on TV and in magazines. But with the proliferation of social media such as the Internet, blogs, and SNS (social networking services), the Internet is often used to refer to a person who has a significant influence on consumers’ purchasing decisions.

In particular,

An influential person whose origin is the word “influence”, which means influence or power, refers to a person who has a huge influence on the world. These are the people who influence consumers’ purchasing decisions, especially in the media on the Internet.

Popular talents, fashion models, athletes, experts, and politicians who have knowledge in certain fields are representatives of influential people. , But other than that, even ordinary people who get overwhelming support from certain groups are influential.

From us, influencers are defined as follows.

Influence, inspiration, the meaning of influencer — other influential people and things. Who has a significant impact on other consumers, especially on consumer-generated media (CGM) on the Internet.

Even if you call it an influencer, the magnitude of influence varies from person to person.

In general, influencers with 1 million or more followers (fans) are called “top / mega influencers”. And influencers with 100,000 or more followers are called “middle / macro-influencers”.

Influencers with 10,000 to tens of thousands of followers are called “micro-influencers,” and influencers with less than 10,000 followers are called “nano-influencers.”

Let’s introduce each feature below.

The overwhelming number of mega / macro-influencers has thousands to millions of followers, so their influence is huge and their reach to provide information is huge. ..

In general, engagement (data recipients’ response to data transmission. In SNS, “likes”, comments, retweets, etc.) is less than that of micro/nano influencers.

Micro-influencers are influential with thousands to thousands of followers.

It has less access to information than mega / macro-influencers but has a higher engagement rate. This is mainly due to the relatively close distance between the influential and the followers.

For example, it is easier to believe stories and word of mouth heard from close family and friends than to entertain entertainers.

“Influencer marketing” to be advertised by influencers

Marketing is the process of using influential people to promote a company’s products and services. It is now attracting a lot of attention as a way to reduce the smell of advertising and promote the brand to users with high appeal.

By understanding the differences between the “micro / nano influencer” and “mega / macro-influencer” features introduced here, you can apply more effective marketing strategies to get interested. Try to reference.

What are the benefits of “effective marketing” that are currently gaining traction? We will also introduce the effects and warnings.

At Influencer Marketing, you can effectively communicate with potential customers who have followers who match your company’s product and service target group that you want to promote.

Compared to traditional advertising, it is easier and more direct to reach the target audience.

If you have objectives such as “I want to raise awareness anyway” or “I want to disseminate information to an unlimited number of users, regardless of genre”, regardless of the target group, I will hire a mega/macro influencer and set the details. Targeting settings. If you want to “faithfully increase new customers” or “get high engagement”, below is the most effective way to hire a micro/nano influencer.

In recent years, the number of people referring to the most SNS reviews when buying products and services has increased.

In particular, products and services introduced by influential people are easy to understand and sympathetic. So there is a high probability that the information will be seconded by the general users who have seen the PR of the influential.

Through SNS, which can easily and quickly spread information through the Like, Retweet, and Share functions, we can expect to raise awareness about products and services.

Also, YouTube and other devices have a function that allows paid members to avoid ads, so the number of people who don’t see ads is increasing.

Thus, it can be said that tie-ups with influencers can drive PR with a higher reach in the target group.

“ Stealth marketing “ means that an employee pretends to be a general user and introduces a product. Or an SNS user introduces a product or service without clearly stating that it is a PR.

When making a tie-up, you must clearly indicate “PR” or “AD” in the post so that the user does not feel distrust.

If you are considered a stealth marketer, you do not risk being considered a violation of the free gift label law. But you can lose the credibility of influential people, companies, and the whole industry who have done stealth marketing.

When posting a tie-up for both the influential and the company, check out the items you should be aware of in advance and check the rules between the two parties.

The key to selecting influencers to tie up is

The above three points can be mentioned.

Now, let’s explain step by step the points of selecting influencers.

Check out the influential general posts to see if they match your ideal worldview and branding.

By focusing on the above points you can not only do effective PR but also integrate it with the worldview created by the influencers. This will lead to the improvement of the image of products and services and the creation of a more sophisticated worldview. There is a possibility.

In SNS posting, the most important thing is how to apply a limited number of characters, video time, and expression mode.

Create the most effective tie-ups by understanding the characteristics and abilities of each influencer, such as whether you can write sentences that appeal to you while suppressing key points, and whether you are editing videos that will not annoy viewers. You can

Check-in promotes the influencer’s hobbies and interests, age group, SNS usage, etc., and makes sure they match the target group of products and services that your company wants to promote.

By setting the target layer in detail in the personality unit, it will be easier to select the influencer.

Also, by associating with multiple genres of influencers, you can further expand your reach in the target group, so choosing a good influencer is also a point to emphasize the tendency of followers regardless of gender.

As mentioned above, when we use the term influencer, we are referring to influential people in the world on social media and the web.

Currently, in addition to the SNS introduced in this article, many influential people have been born and are active.

Companies need to think about which SNS to use and which influencers to use.

If you are thinking of launching influencer marketing in the future, please refer to it as background information.

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